Sentence Examples with the word Agitator

But he was stronger as a preacher and an agitator than as a writer, the pamphlets which he now issued from the press of his colleague the ex-priest Hans Vingaard, who settled down at Viborg as a printer, being little more than adaptations of Luther's opuscula.

In 1847 he was temporarily occupied with ideas of emigration, and with this object made a journey to Algiers, but returned to Baden and resumed his former position as the Radical champion of popular rights, later becoming president of the Volksverein, where he was destined to fall still further under the influence of the agitator Gustav von Struve.

He was chiefly identified with the Socialists in England and the Social Democratic parties on the Continent; but he was regarded by men of all opinions as an agitator whose motives had always been pure and disinterested.

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Hermon Husband (c. 1724-1795) was the chief agitator of measures for relief, but, since, as a Quaker, he discouraged violence, the cause was left without a recognized leader.

In 1899 he qualified as a lawyer, and speedily became a prominent agitator on the extreme Left wing of the Socialist party.

Lassalle flung himself into the career of agitator with his accustomed vigour.

FRANCOIS NOEL BABEUF (1760-1797), known as GRACCHUS BABEUF, French political agitator and journalist, was born at Saint Quentin on the 23rd of November 1760.

It was the most piquant feature of his life that he, one of the gilded youth, a connoisseur in wines, and a learned man to boot, had become agitator and the champion of the working man.

He was deservedly respected in the House of Commons; seldom has an agitator been so little of a demagogue.

In this society, where there was no traffic in anything but wealth and ideas, the soldier was nothing more than an agitator or a parasite.