Sentence Examples with the word Aging

Modern, too, was the outlook of the aging poet on the changing social conditions of theage, wonderfully sympathetic his attitude towards modern industry, which steam was just beginning to establish on a new basis, and towards modern democracy.

Sirian edged closer, his wise gaze and silvering hair the only signs of aging on his otherwise lean frame.

You're not aging now.

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Maybe we're aging this skeleton in the wrong direction.

A product of being an only child of aging parents, no doubt.

The aging but burly and large man sheathed his weapons and knelt over the still form.

Carmen had been raised poor by aging and conservative parents who were old time religious.

She gazed down the hill at the aging farmstead.

Carmen was a change-of-life baby, the only child of aging parents.

As an only child growing up with aging parents and no relatives, life had often been lonely.