Sentence Examples with the word Aggregating

In the Commercial Cable Building, New York, seven complete tiers aggregating 7000 tons were erected in nine weeks.

In 1880 concessions were granted to the F.C. Occidental, F.C. Central Mexicano, F.C. Nacional Mexicano and three others of less importance, aggregating nearly 3500 m.

The shipping entries at all Chilean ports during the year 1904, both national and foreign, numbered 11,756, aggregating 17,723,138 tons, and the clearances 11,689, aggregating 17,370,763 tons.

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Wide, he assembled, near Chattanooga, his three armies, aggregating roo,000 men, and began (May 1864) the invasion of Georgia.

In 1909 the United States Geological Survey reported workable beds of coal aggregating 13,130 sq.

In 1901, 1411 steamers and sailing craft aggregating 1,830,000 tons register cleared from Sulina for European ports carrying, besides other merchandise, nearly 13,000,000 quarters of grain.

The harbour, which embraces two tidal basins and six docks aggregating 832 acres, in addition to timber docks of S7 acres, covers altogether 350 acres.

In 1904 the permanent force consisted of 12 battalions of infantry, 6 regiments of cavalry, 4 regiments of mountain artillery, 1 regiment of horse artillery, 2 regiments of coast artillery, and 5 companies of engineers - aggregating 915 officers and 4757 men.

From 1847 to 1851 he arranged gifts from France to American libraries aggregating 30,655 volumes, and a gift of 50 volumes by the city of Paris in 1843 (reciprocated in 1849 with more than 1000 volumes contributed by private citizens) was the nucleus of the Boston public library.

Levee systems on some of the interior or tributary rivers, aggregating some 602 m., are exclusively built and maintained by the state.