Sentence Examples with the word Agate

The end knife-edges also are of steel or agate, and have continuous bearing on flat steel or agate surfaces at the upper part of the suspension links.

Marquette, Mich., Presque Ile Point, Mich., Agate Bay, Minn., Grand Marais, Minn., and Ashland, Wis., are on bays which have protective breakwaters across their mouths.

When and how the art was introduced is obscure, but there are notices of it as early as the 11th century; and in 1250 Christoforo Briani attempted the imitation of agate and chalcedony.

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This consisted of bronze swords and vases, gold jewellery with agate and other gems, bracelets, collars, a seal cylinder and two engraved gold rings, one of which, the largest known, bears a religious scene.

The gems of onyx, carnelian and agate are later and bear various figures, and in some cases Arabic inscriptions.

The town is celebrated for its manufacture of agate and carnelian ornaments, of reputation principally in China.

He was singing in passionate tones, gazing with his sparkling black- agate eyes at the frightened and happy Natasha.

Sixteen of these alabaster scarfs hang side by side in Hovey's Balcony, three white and fine as crape shawls, thirteen striated like agate with every shade of brown, Luray Cavern.

Two spiral springs underneath press the plate Br with its agate end-bearing against the rounded end of the screw S.

Obsidian, chert, chalcedony, agate and quartzite, but to prehistoric man (see FLINT IMPLEMENTS below) flint must have been of great value and served many of the uses to which steel is put at the present day.