Sentence Examples with the word Affiliated

Dunstable had also a gild merchant and was affiliated to London.

By the end of the 12th century the number of monasteries affiliated to Cluny in the various countries of western Europe amounted to 2000.

There is only one college, at Rangoon, which is affiliated to the Calcutta University.

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Republicans who had affiliated with the Federalists at the time of the X.

Nearly the whole of these county societies affiliated with the central association, paying an affiliation fee yearly, and receiving in return the silver medal, bronze medal and certificate of the association, to be offered as prizes for competition at the annual county shows.

The question has been hotly debated whether, in addition to these six grades, there be not a seventh answering in some degree to the tertiaries of the Franciscan and Dominican orders, but secretly affiliated to the Society and acting as its emissaries in various lay positions.

Corcoran), with several affiliated hospitals, a Department of Dentistry (1887), the National College of Pharmacy(united with the university in 1906), and a College of Veterinary Medicine (1908).

The remnants of the abolished new troops were collected and formed into regiments affiliated to the Janissaries under the name of seymen-i-jedid; the dignitaries of state were called upon to take an oath of fidelity and loyalty.

A great many of the provincial nursing associations are affiliated to it.

It is affiliated to the university of the Cape of Good Hope.