Sentence Examples with the word Aedile

As curule aedile in 58, Scaurus celebrated the public games on a scale of magnificence never seen before.

Pomponius Atticus, was born about 102 B.C. He was aedile in 67, praetor in 62, and for the three following years propraetor in Asia, where, though he seems to have abstained from personal aggrandizement, his profligacy and ill-temper gained him an evil notoriety.

During the reign of Commodus, Dio practised as an advocate at the Roman bar, and held the offices of aedile and quaestor.

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In 199 he was quaestor, and the next year, passing over the regular stages of aedile and praetor, he obtained the consulship.

In 79 he was curule aedile with his brother, in 77 praetor, in 73 consul with Gaius Cassius Varus.

After having served with the army in Thrace and been quaestor in Crete and Cyrene, Vespasian rose to be aedile and praetor, having meanwhile married Flavia Domitilla, the daughter of a Roman knight, by whom he had two sons, Titus and Domitian, afterwards emperors.

In 33 he was chosen aedile and signalized his tenure of office by effecting great improvements in the city of Rome, restoring and building aqueducts, enlarging and cleansing the sewers, and constructing baths and porticos, and laying out gardens.

To the highest offices, including all persons of consular and praetorian rank, belonged the right of taking auspicia maxima; to the inferior offices of aedile and quaestor, the auspicia minora; the differences between these, however, must have been small.