Sentence Examples with the word Advisory

Its central office is in Constantinople, and it is managed by a director-general and advisory committee appointed by committees in London and Paris.

There is a council of state with advisory functions, which can also decide certain questions of administration, especially applications from local authorities and conflicts between ministries, and a court of accounts, which has the right of examining all details of state expenditure.

In administrative details he is assisted by the Council of India, an advisory body, with special control over finance.

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There is a governor's council of five members, one from each councillor district, which has advisory duties and shares with the governor most of his powers.

General councils were now once more called to mind; but these were no longer conceived as mere advisory councils to the pope, but as the highest representative organ of the universal Church, and as such ranking above the pope, and competent to demand obedience even from him.

The sirategus (general), aided by 30 apocleti (ministers), had complete control in the field and presided over the assembly, though with restricted advisory powers.

Its powers do not extend to direct and mandatory regulation, being supervisory and advisory only, but it can make recommendations at its discretion, appealing if necessary to the General Court; and it has had great influence and excellent results.

The mayor and heads of departments are advisory members, and may speak but not vote.

The dual system of education, established in 1871, was abolished in 1890, and the administrative machinery consolidated under a minister of the Crown and an advisory board.

Since 1906 a superintendent has been appointed with large powers, independent of political control and with the assistance of an advisory council; attention is also paid to the advice of the provincial Educational Association, which meets yearly at Toronto.