Sentence Examples with the word Adrienne

Rachel glanced up as Adrienne entered the kitchen, and smiled warmly.

At five o'clock sharp, Adrienne left the hospital.

She pushed a bowl of mashed potatoes toward Adrienne and smiled warmly.

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On her next visit to the ranch, Adrienne arrived to find Mrs. Marsh busy cooking lunch.

Her gaze shot past Adrienne and her face turned scarlet.

Brandon retired to a table nearby and it was all Adrienne could do to keep her mind on the interview.

He tossed the car keys to Adrienne and met her startled gaze.

Between finals and her job at the hospital, Adrienne rarely had time to think about it much, though.

When Adrienne walked into the lounge, Roxanne was slipping out of her coat.

I hope Adrienne marries a man who will give her the help she deserves.