Sentence Examples with the word Adrenaline

Her head felt ready to explode with anger, and adrenaline warmed her from the inside out.

It was after his adrenaline tapered off that he smelled blood, and he trotted down a path in the direction of the scent.

The look the major gave him was as intense as one of the doc's adrenaline shots.

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He'd have to catalyze his healing with adrenaline and other drugs.

Lana shoved herself back, ignoring the pain in her wrist as adrenaline flew threw her.

She suspected he was dangerous, but right now, she felt the danger radiating off him in a similar charged energy to Jonny's, except that Xander's had the same effect as adrenaline on her.

She leaned into him, at peace yet hyped up on adrenaline and desire.

Brady's body soared with adrenaline as he silently defied death and reach his goal.

She paused, the unfamiliar sensation a combination of adrenaline that made her blood quicken and electricity that made her skin tingle.

The thought of killing vamps made his adrenaline pick up and his magic wriggle free from the tight grip he had on it.