Sentence Examples with the word Adoptionist

He took a prominent part in the Adoptionist controversy, and wrote against the views of Felix of Urgel, especially as upheld by Elipandus of Toledo.

The narrative of Christ's baptism points to an Adoptionist is Christclogy, and that the genealogies of Jesus (through Joseph) presuppose this type of belief, if not a still lower view of Christ's person.

So Gregory the language is concerned, may belong to the remote age which alone suits the adoptionist Christology of the prayers.

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Paul's Christology therefore was of the Adoptionist type, which we find among the primitive Ebionite Christians of Judaea, in Hermas, Theodotus and Artemon of Rome, and in Archelaus the opponent of Mani, and in the other great doctors of the Syrian Church of the 4th and 5th centuries.

He did not really illumine or convert great Armenia, for the people were in the main already converted by Syrian missionaries to the Adoptionist or Ebionite type of faith which was dominant in the far East, and was afterwards known as Nestorianism.

This is shown by the searching discussions to which the Adoptionist controversy gave rise.

These words were taken in the sense that Jesus was then re-born of the Spirit an adoptive Son of God and Messiah; and with this reading is bound up the entire adoptionist school of Christology.

Further development of doctrine weeded out the last traces of Adoptionist belief, 2 though Christ's exaltation continued to be taught in correlation to His humiliation (Phil.

But in addition to these doctrines of an adoptionist origin, they held the Manichaean dualistic conception of the origin of the world.