Sentence Examples with the word Adolphe

The causes of this insurrection were manifold, and, moreover, interdependent: the injury done to the military prestige of France by its defeats in Europe; the fall of the imperial government, in which, in the eyes of the natives, the authority of France was incarnate; and the insults offered with impunity in the streets by the civil population to the officers, who were loved and respected by the Arabs, at the same time that the decree of Adolphe Cremieux accorded to the Algerine Jews the rights of French citizens.

De Remusat, Adolphe Gamier and Ravaisson-Mollien.

His mother, Elisabeth Santi-Lomaca, whose sister was grandmother of Louis Adolphe Thiers, was a Greek.

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He then went to Paris, where he was soon joined by his friend and compatriot, Adolphe Thiers, the future president of the French republic. He was introduced by J.

In France Edouard Adolphe Drumont led the way to a similar animosity, and the popular fury was fanned by the Dreyfus case.

P. 290.) The largest masonry arch is the Adolphe bridge in Luxemburg, erected in 1900-1903.

It had been written in 1807, and is intrinsically autobiographical; that Adolphe represents Constant himself there is no dispute, but Ellenore probably owes something both to Madame de Charriere and Madame de Stael.

Cousin (1887); Adolphe Franck, Moralistes et philosophes (1872); J.

He also collaborated with Adolphe Hatzfeld in a Dictionnaire general de la langue francaise (2 vols., 1895-1900).

LAMBERT ADOLPHE JACQUES QUETELET (1796-1874), Belgian astronomer, meteorologist and statistician, was born at Ghent on the 22nd of February 1796, and educated at the lyceum of that town.