Sentence Examples with the word Adobe

Until in 1896 the eastern field was tapped with wells at Adobe and College streets; the wells within the city are gradually being abandoned.

Its houses are usually one-storeyed, built of adobe and roofed with red tiles; its public buildings are among the finest in Central America.

They entered a large neighborhood and drove the same few blocks a few times before stopping in front of a large adobe hacienda walled off from its neighbors.

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The two Guardians assigned to the small adobe house in the middle of a Mexican village stood out front with Jenn.

Crooked streets, bordered with low adobe houses, are characteristic of the older part of the city and give an impression of antiquity.

The town consists almost entirely of one-storeyed adobe huts inhabited by mulattoes and Indians, whose chief industry is the production of cochineal.

The destruction was visible long before they reached the low adobe structure hidden between the foothills of the Tucson Mountains.

Facing the plaza is the old Governor's Palace, a low, spreading, adobe structure, erected early in the 17th century, but partially destroyed in the Pueblo revolt of 1680 and later restored.

It is a town of unusually wide streets and one-storeyed adobe houses, being so laid out and built because of earthquakes.

The city is partly enclosed by an old adobe wall built in 1686, and its buildings are in great part also constructed of adobe.