Sentence Examples with the word Admitted

It is now, however, admitted that, whatever influence the one may have from time to time exercised on the other, Teutonic myth and Teutonic heroic legend were developed on independent lines.

His suggestion of a plurality of votes, proportioned to the elector's degree of education, was avowedly put forward only as an ideal; he admitted that no authentic test of education could for the present be found.

Which were really admitted were not openly and avowedly made by a direct change in the statutes, but for the most part they were effected (as so many early reforms) under the cover of ingenious legal fictions.

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It is generally admitted that the aluminate is the chief agent in the first setting of the cement, and that its ultimate hardening and attainment of strength are due to the tricalcium silicate.

Of the seven degrees, those mystics not yet beyond the third, Miles, were not in full communion, and were called inrnpETOUVTES (servants); while the fourth degree, Leo, admitted them into the class of the fully initiate, the (participants).

It is 788 3246 possible that the compiler of the Turin 2793 Papyrus, who excluded contemporary reigns in the period between the VIth and the 1731 XIIth Dynasties, here admitted such; nor 580 1580 is a correspondingly large number of kings 350 1322 in so short a period without analogies in history.

He was admitted to the bar at Annapolis in 1761, and for more than twenty years was a member of the Maryland legislature.

Even Sir Thomas More, in his polemic against the Reformers, admitted that this concubinage was too often tolerated in Wales (English Works, ed.

The Cappadocian court admitted the full stream of Hellenistic culture under Ariarathes V.

They are not to be used as premises but as immanent laws of thought, save only when an inference from true or admitted premises and correct in form is challenged.