Sentence Examples with the word Administering

This was intended to remove an old and serious evil, as the sheriffs had earned a very bad reputation by their methods of administering justice.

Of the technically imperial fiefs, were divided and devised princes, by them at will like other forms of private property; they had nearly all the rights of a sovereign with regard to levying tolls, coining money, administering justice and granting privileges to towns; they were assisted in the work of government by a privy council, while their courts with their numerous officials began to resemble that of the king or emperor.

A durbar may be either a council for administering affairs of state, or a purely ceremonial gathering.

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Wharfinger states that in chlorosis the specific action of iron is only obtained by administering those inorganic preparations which give a reaction with the ordinary reagents; the iron ions in a state of dissociation act as a catalytic agent, destroying the hypothetical toxin which is the cause of chlorosis.

To aid these rajas in administering the country, there is a council of permanent ministers, called the Lenehen.

In this position he had the difficult task of administering Paris during the siege, and after the Commune was obliged to resign (5th of June 1871).

Mr. Churchill went out to Egypt, and held in Cairo a conference of the British civil and military officers then administering those countries.

The Revolution, though it had made an end of the Bastille, did not bring the only real practical liberty, that is to say, the liberty which comes with settled courts of justice, administering settled laws, undisturbed by popular fury, independent of everything but law, and with a clear law for their direction.

It is worn in choir at the solemn offices; it is the official sacral dress of the lower clergy in their liturgical functions; it is worn by the priest when administering the sacraments, undertaking benedictions, and the like; the use of the alb being nowadays almost exclusively confined to the mass and functions connected with this.

A violet stole is worn by the priest when giving absolution after confession, and when administering Extreme Unction.