Sentence Examples with the word Adjusting

The first day was behind him, his muscles weren't overly sore, he seemed to be adjusting to the altitude and he had conquered more hills in one day than a year of Pennsylvania biking would offer.

Shipton squirmed, adjusting his position.

He flicked buttons, zooming and expanding the scenes and adjusting it until it was as he preferred it: spinning faster than normal with alternating close-ups of each major battle.

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Edith hesitated, as if embarrassed but then sat next to Cynthia Dean, adjusting the dress behind her.

Instead of adjusting in this manner the electromotive force of any form of cell, if we pass any constant current through a known resistance and bring wires from the extremities of that resistance into connexion with the slider and the galvanometer terminal, we can in the same way determine the fall of potential down the above resistance in terms of the electromotive force of the standard cell and thus measure the current flowing through the standard resistance.

By means of several adjusting screws the force and frequency of these blows can be exactly regulated.

By adjusting the length of the connecting rod and the amount of water in the vessel, the amount of steam admitted can be regulated to a nicety.

Gears are provided for elevating, levelling, aligning the upper and lower optical systems, adjusting the inclination of the reflector and rotating the mast around a vertical axis so that observations may be made and azimuth angles taken in all directions.

The necessity for adjusting the current-density to the composition and treatment of the electrolyte is thus apparent.

The York-Antwerp Rules have not only had the valuable result of introducing uniformity where there had been great variety, and corresponding certainty as to the principles which will be acted upon in adjusting any G.A.