Sentence Examples with the word Adjoined

His apartments in the palace adjoined those of the empress, and his liveries, furnitures and equipages were scarcely less costly than hers.

To the latter were adjoined capitation and trade taxes (the tributum capitis).

The abbot's residence (K), still partly standing, adjoined the entrance-gate.

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The monastery that formerly adjoined this church has been suppressed and its buildings are now used as a hospital.

From 1033 to 1043 he was involved in a life and death contest with those nobles whose territory adjoined the royal domains, especially with the great house of Blois, whose count, Odo II., had been the centre of the league of Constance, and with the counts of Champagne.

On the south it probably adjoined the land of Moab; on the north it may have met that of the king of Geshur (Josh.

Julie and Molly had catching up to do so they adjoined to their room, with plans for the pool later.

It was erected between 1786 and 1796, and is adjoined by other court buildings, the public record office, containing a vast collection, and the police offices.

Another fort nearly as large adjoined it, and is probably rather older.

To the north it adjoined Campania, Samnium and Apulia, and to the south it was separated by a narrow isthmus from the district of Bruttii.