Sentence Examples with the word Adi

Jaidev is better known as the author of the Gitagobind, which was translated by Sir Edwin Arnold, than as a religious reformer; but in the Adi Granth are found two hymns of his in the Prakrit language of the time, in which he represents God as distinct from nature, yet everywhere present.

Shams al-Ma t adi Qabus, the generous ruler of Dailam, himself a poet and a scholar, with whom he had expected to find an asylum, was about that date (1012) starved to death by his own revolted soldiery.

A schism resulted, Keshub Chunder Sen and his followers founding the Progressive Samaj, while the conservative stock remained as the Adi (i.e.

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Capitulated on the 2 21ld, adi I Civitella del Tronto, the last stronghold of Bourbonism, haf the 21st of March.

Their sacred book is called Al-Yalvah, and its chief exponent was Shaikh Adi (c. 1200).