Sentence Examples with the word Adda

The lower course of the Adda was formerly the boundary between the territories of Venice and of Milan; and on its banks several important battles have been fought, notably that of Lodi, where Napoleon defeated the Austrians in 1796.

Thence to the Reschen Scheideck Pass the main chain is ill-defined, though on it rises the Corno di Campo (10,844 ft.), beyond which it runs slightly north-east past the sources of the Adda and the Fra g ile Pass, sinks to form the depression of the Ofen Pass, soon bends north and rises once more in the Piz Sesvenna (10,568 ft.).

Very differently situated are the great canals of Lombardy, drawn from the Ticino and Adda rivers, flowing from the Maggiore and Como lakes.

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Canals lead from Milan to the Ticino, Adda and P0.

The rock temple at Silsila and a shrine at Jebel Adda are also his.

Lombardy is quite as well off as Piedmont for the means of irrigation and, as already said, its canals have the advantage that being drawn from the lakes Maggiore and Como they exercise a moderating influence on the Ticino and Adda rivers, which is much wanted in the Dora Baltea.

As far as the Adda and on the N.

The Ticino and Adda do not rise in floods more than 6 or 7 ft.

A granite arch built in 1377 over the Adda at Trezzo had a span at low water of 251 ft.

The Adda flows out of the lake at its south-eastern extremity at Lecco, and has thence a course through the plain of above 70 m.