Sentence Examples with the word Adam Smith

Haldane, Life of Smith (1887), and the very full and excellent Life of Adam Smith by John Rae (1895).

Suppose, now, we ignore the writers who were inaugurating neit methods, investigating special problems or laboriously collecting facts, and concentrate attention on the dominant school, with its long series of writers from Adam Smith to John Stuart Mill.

They had been defended by Adam Smith on the ground that defence was of much more importance than opulence, and by the same reasoning they had been described by John Stuart Mill as, though economically disadvantageous, politically expedient.

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This letter excited some rancour among the theologians, and Dr George Horne, afterwards bishop of Norwich, published in 1777 A Letter to Adam Smith on the Life, Death and Philosophy of his Friend David Hume, by one of the people called Christians.

Ganilh is best known as the most vigorous defender of the mercantile school in opposition to the views of Adam Smith and the English economists.

Yet when we compare Hume with Adam Smith, the advance which Hume had made on his predecessors in lucidity of exposition and subtlety of intellect becomes clear, and modern criticism is agreed that the main errors of Adam Smith are to be found in those deductions which deviate from the results of the Political Discourses.

There is more to be said for the political argument which induced Adam Smith to favour navigation laws, giving a preference to national shipping in national waters, and for a similar political argument in favour of dude:, on agricultural produce imported into the country, on the ground, as regards navigation, that the prosperity of the shipping industry in particular was essential to the safety of the country, and on the ground, as regards duties on agricultural produce, that the maintenance of a larger rural population and of a larger agricultural production than would exist under natural conditions of perfect free trade was essential to the wel:Fare of the state and even to its very existence in the possible event of a temporary defeat at sea and a partial blockade of the coasts.

In this year, Reid succeeded Adam Smith as professor of moral philosophy in the university of Glasgow.

In the following year he was introduced to political economy and studied Adam Smith and Ricardo with his father.

By a study of this work we are led to the conclusion that he was an economist only, not at all a social philosopher in the wider sense, like Adam Smith or John Mill.