Sentence Examples with the word Ada

William was supported by the Zeelanders and Ada was forced to fly to England.

In the year after her death in 1890 the maharaja married at Paris, as his second wife, an English lady, Miss Ada Douglas Wetherill, who survived him.

He corresponded with many of the European savants of his day, and contributed largely to the Ada Eruditorum of Leipzig.

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Riccati's name is best known in connexion with his problem called Riccati's equation, published in the Ada Eruditorum, September 1724.

This was the most brilliant period in the history of the Ada Sanctorum.

BOISE, a city and the county-seat of Ada county, Idaho, U.S.A., and the capital of the state, situated on the N.

It is best given by Lipsius, Ada Apostol.

Bohmer left a great amount of unpublished material, and after his death two other works were published from his papers: Ada imperii selecta, edited by J.

A considerable number had abandoned their pilgrimage and returned home on the news of the fall of Rhodes (Dec. 25, 1522: see Ada sanct.

Recently Schubert has sought to derive the elements which are found in the Petrine Gospel, but not in the canonical gospels, from the original Ada Pilati, while Zahn exactly reverses the relation of these two works.