Sentence Examples with the word Acta

See Acta Sanctorum, Julii, ii.

See Acta Sanctorum (September), i.

Entirely consistent with this is the information given by the Acta Archelai that Basilides, before he came to Alexandria, had appeared publicly among the Persians (fuit praedicator aped Persas); and the allusion to his have appealed to prophets with oriental names, Barkabbas and Barkoph (Agrippa in Eusebius Hist.

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Des Konstanzer Konzils (Paderborn, 1889), and Acta concilii Constantiensis, vol.

The best life of him is that by the Bohemian historian Anton Gindely, Acta et documents historiam GabrielisBethleni illustrantia (Budapest, 1890).

Important matter is to be found in the resolutions of the councils from the 4th century onwards (see Mansi, Acta concil., and Hefele, Conciliengeschichte, vols.

The Coptic version (C. Schmidt, Acta Pauli, pp. 74-82), which is here imperfect, is clearly from a Greek original, while the Latin and Armenian are from the Syriac. (c) The Acts of Paul and Thecla.

The Acta soon had imitators.

Focus), Franz von Paula Triesnecker made a series of measurements at the observatory of Vienna which has been reduced by Dr Wilhelm Schur of Strasburg (Nova Acta der Ksl.

Chaillot (1863-1889); Analecta ecclesiastica (since 1893); Acta Sanctae sedis (since 1865); Archiv fiir kathol.