Sentence Examples with the word Accuracy

The automatic sight has, however, distinct limitations; it depends for its accuracy on height of site, and at long ranges even from a high site it cannot compare for accuracy with independent range-finding and careful laying or accurately applied quadrant elevation; it is also useless when the water line of the target is obscured, as may often be the case from the splashes caused by bursting shell.

Von Drygalski for the measurement of salinity at sea, and was found to have the same degree of accuracy as an areometer with the great advantage of being quite unaffected by the motion of the ship in a sea-way.

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This inexactness may, however, be ignored, since the numbers or ratios in question can generally be obtained to a greater degree of accuracy than the other numbers involved in the calculation (see (ii) (b) below).

The accuracy he'd developed early on was the best he was able to attain in spite of all his efforts.

The Pongo de Manseriche, at the base of the Andes and the head of useful navigation, seems to be the natural terminus of the Maranon; and an examination of the hydrographic conditions of the great valley makes the convenience and accuracy of this apparent.

The results published in 1772 gave for the first time a comprehensive description not only of Yemen but of all Arabia; while the parts actually visited by Niebuhr were described with a fulness and accuracy of detail which left little or nothing for his successors to discover.

The accuracy of heats of combustion determined in the closed calorimeter is in favourable cases about one-half per cent.

The superior accuracy of his determinations was attested by S.

As The Gregorian Method Of Intercalation Has Been Adopted In All Christian Countries, Russia Excepted, It Becomes Interesting To Examine With What Degrees Of Accuracy It Reconciles The Civil With The Solar Year.