Sentence Examples with the word Accommodated

Its eastern side is built into the hill, its longer diameter is 76 yds., and it accommodated seven or eight thousand spectators.

She never accommodated herself to the part she was called on to play during the Empire, and, though endowed with immense wealth and distinguished by the title of Madame Mere, lived mainly in retirement, and in the exercise of a strict domestic economy which her early privations had made a second nature to her, but which rendered her very unpopular in France and was displeasing to Napoleon.

There is an elevated road whose trains, like the surface cars, are accommodated in the centre of the city by the subway.

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In a large city, where several inter - connected exchanges have to be built and thousands of subscribers are put into communication with each other, the service is at once more costly and more valuable than in a small town with a few hundred subscribers accommodated in one exchange.

In 1903 the harbour accommodated 2189 vessels of 358,375 tons.

The terms of Buckingham's note' concerning it might easily have aroused doubts; and we find that the further course of the action was to all appearances exactly accommodated to Dr Steward, who 4 A position which Bacon in some respects approved.

Sleeping needs were accommodated in parallel three-story wings to each side, with boys at the north and girls to the south.

In 1629 he published his famous Confessio, Calvinistic in doctrine, but as far as possible accommodated to the language and creeds of the Orthodox Church.

These dates enable us to measure accurately the stages by which the church accommodated itself to, and as it were took possession of, the Aristotelian philosophy.

I sought the landlord, and telling him I desired to be accommodated with a room, received for answer that his house was full--not a bed unoccupied.