Sentence Examples with the word Accent

To shake off his native accent and to acquire the graces of oratorical action, he engaged the services of Thomas Sheridan and Charles Macklin.

This undertaking led to the introduction of a large number of Flemish workmen, who settled in the district, and, in spite of the violent measures adopted by the English peasantry to expel them, retained their ground in sufficient numbers to affect the physical appearance and the accent of the inhabitants to this day.

The familiar lilt of her accent was still present.

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Castilian displaces the accent on the 1st and 2nd pers.

Its charm lies in its exquisite accent and its infinite tenderness.

Nouns retain the accent of the nominative singular in all cases and in both numbers (e.g.

Katie smiled in return, deciding she liked the Amazon with the British accent and wild tribal tattoos.

The principal thing that is lacking is sentence accent and variety in the inflection of phrases.

He received Bolkonski stiffly and coldly and told him in his foreign accent that he would mention him to the Emperor for a decision as to his employment, but asked him meanwhile to remain on his staff.

Most words take the accent on the penult.