Sentence Examples with the word Acacia

Acacia heterophylla, from Mauritius and Bourbon, and Acacia koa from the Sandwich Islands are also good timber trees.

Trees, and even new genera, such as the cork-tree (Phellodendron amurense, walnut (Juglans manchurica), acacia (Maackia amurensis), the graceful climber Maximowiczia amurensis, the Japanese Trochostigma and many others - all unknown to Siberia proper - are met with.

Such are Acacia pycnantha, golden wattle, A.

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Between the desert and the cultivated Nile lands is an open growth of samr, hashab (Acacia verek) and other acacia trees.

In the Central American Acacia sphaerocephala (bullthorn acacia) and A.

True gum-arabic is the product of Acacia Senegal, abundant in both east and west tropical Africa.

The bark of Acacia arabica, under the name of babul or babool, is used in Scinde for tanning.

The principal timber trees in the forests are - teak; blackwood of two varieties (Dalbergia Sisu andDalbergia latifolia), Dalbergia ujainensis, Pterocarpus Marsupium, Terminalia glabra, Acacia arabica, Acacia Catechu, Nauclea cordifolia, Nauclea parvifolia, Bidelia spinosa, Hardwickia binata, Juga xylocarpa, Populus euphratica, and Tamarindus indica.

On the same acacia there occur leaves with the petiole and lamina perfect; others having the petiole slightly expanded or winged, and the lamina imperfectly developed; and others in which there is no lamina, and the petiole becomes large and broad.

Two species of acacia are remarkable for the delicate and violet-like perfume of their wood - myall and yarran.