Sentence Examples with the word Abutting

Basal segments of the 5th and 6th pairs of appendages abutting against the sternum of the prosoma (see fig.

Or many protoxylems. When the protoxylem strands are situated at the periphery of the stele, abutting on the pericycle, as in all roots, and many of the more primitive Pteridophyte stems, the stele is said to be exarch.

The external conjunctive tissue is often arranged in relation to each bundle separately, the pericyclic fibres for instance, already referred to, being cften confined to the bands of pericyclic tissue abutting on the phloem of each bundle, while the Cortex and pith frequently form rays in the intervals between the adjacent bundles.

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Finally, in the pinnae of the frond the centrifugal xylem may disappear, the protoxylem being now exarch in position and abutting on the phloem.

The remaining septa are so disposed that in the quadrants abutting on the chief septum they converge towards that septum, whilst in the other quadrants they converge towards the alar septa.

Only one ancient feature is rapidly disappearing - owing to the exigencies of street traffic - the stone terraces close to the entrance doors and abutting on the street.

The first, like the other ranges abutting from north to south upon the region of the prairie, rises abruptly from the plain and has a fine, bold outline.

Every protoplast, except in the very young regions, has part of its surface abutting on these, so that its wall is accessible to the gases necessary for its vital processes.

When the discharge takes place the ends of the lines of electric force abutting on the wire run down it and are detached in the form of semiloops of electric force which move outwards with their ends on the surface of the earth.

On the northern side of this terrace, between the second temple and the Cyclopean supporting wall, a long stoa or colonnade runs from east to west abutting at the west end in structures which evidently contained a well-house and waterworks; while at the eastern end of this stoa a number of chambers were erected against the hill, in front of which were placed statues and inscriptions, the bases for which are still extant.