Sentence Examples with the word Abstained

At the same time, although he attended the Paris conference of 1856, he purposely abstained from affixing his signature to the treaty of peace after that of Count Orlov, Russia's chief representative.

Some have abstained from all underground-grown roots and tubers, and have claimed special benefits from using only those fruits and vegetables that are grown in the sunlight.

It was probably at the time when a desire for revenge on her calumniatress made her think the opportunity good and safe for discharge of such a two-edged dart at the countess and the queen that Mary wrote, but abstained from despatching, the famous and terrible letter in which, with many gracious excuses and professions of regret and attachment, she transmits to Elizabeth a full and vivid report of the hideous gossip retailed by Bess of Hardwick regarding her character and person at a time when the reporter of these abominations was on friendly terms with her husband's royal charge.

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For the same reason he abstained from drastic religious reforms in his capacity as high-priest of Lydia.

Moreover, the services of the Church have always been conducted in grammatical though simple Dutch; and the clergy, in their intercourse with the people, have as a general rule abstained from conversing in the ordinary dialect.

He therefore abstained from determining for each case the specific heats of the solutions he employed, and contented himself with the above approximation.

He was successful in the ensuing campaign, and abstained from the worship of the gods of his race.

But if the Pharisees abstained from good works on the Sabbath, the Essenes abstained even from natural necessities (Jos.

Some abstained from all living creatures; others ate fish; others fish and fowl.

For a few months after the dissolution of the Neapolitan parliament the government abstained from persecution, but with the crushing of the Sicilian revolution its hands The were free; and when the commission on the affair of Neapolitan prisons, t h e 15th of May had completed its labours the state trials and arrests began.