Sentence Examples with the word Abscissae

The abscissae represent intervals of time, the ordinates the measured lengths of the growing filament.

Von Rohr's Theorie and Geschichte des photographischen Objectivs, the abscissae are focal lengths, and the ordinates wave-lengths; of the latter the Fraunhofer lines used are A' C D Green Hg.

The ordinates of the curve give the strain in cwts., and the abscissae the distance in miles measured from the Canso end; as the strain is proportional to the depth, 18 cwts.

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The ordinates give the wave-lengths in, up. The abscissae give fc in 0.01 mm., commencing at fc fF.

The enclosed area for each temperature represents the total emission of energy for that temperature, the abscissae are the wavelengths, and the ordinates the corresponding intensities of emission for that wave-length.

The curve BPC is generally used with the abscissae spaced more conveniently for practical applications, and a modification of the diagram by J.

During the first stage, when the magnetizing force is small, the magnetization (or the induction) increases rather slowly with increasing force; this is well shown by the nickel curve in the diagram, but the effect would be no less conspicuous in the iron curve if the abscissae were plotted to a larger scale.