Sentence Examples with the word Abrogated

After lasting fifteen years the rattachement was, with the approval of the legislature, abrogated by decree dated the 31stof December 1896.

So much for abrogated readings; the case is somewhat different when we come to the abrogation of laws and directions to the Moslems, which often occurs in the Koran.

This ferocious legislation was expressly and summarily abrogated in 1830.

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In 1852 he formally abrogated the constitution, and three years later the Austrians departed.

The Socinians, on the other hand, regarded the Decalogue as abrogated by the more perfect law of Christ; and this view, especially in the shape that the Decalogue is a civil and not a moral law (J.

But these constitutions, several times revised, actually served only as a theoretical standard for the proprietors and were abrogated altogether in 1693, and the colonists were governed by instructions which granted them much greater privileges.

After the return from Moscow the emperor negotiated with his prisoner a new and more exacting concordat, but two months later the repentant pope abrogated this treaty and declared all the official acts of the new French bishops to be invalid.

He abrogated caste distinctions, and taught in opposition to ancient writings that every man had the eternal right of searching for divine knowledge and worshipping his Creator.

Its clauses dealing with the fisheries and trade lasted for fourteen years, and were then abrogated by the action of the United States.

At this juncture John VI., vainly seeking for a compromise, abrogated the constitution of 1822, but appointed as his minister D.