Sentence Examples with the word Abrasion

In machinery, abrasion between moving surfaces has to be prevented as much as possible by the use of suitable materials, good fitting and lubrication.

In the same way, washing the skin with spirit would tend to harden the epidermis and thus prevent the entrance of microbes; and the application of an ointment to an abrasion would have a similar action.

Ab, off, and radere, to scrape), the process of rubbing off or wearing down, as of rock by moving ice, or of coins by wear and tear; also used of the results of such a process as an abrasion or excoriation of the skin.

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According to Kamarsch, the relative abrasion suffered by silver coins of the degrees of fineness named is as follows: Fineness.

The resistance of a metal to abrasion by friction.

The distortion which rails undergo in manufacture and use is incomparably less than that to which rivets are subjected, and thus rail steel may safely be much richer in carbon and hence in cementite, and therefore much stronger and harder, so as to better endure the load and the abrasion of the passing wheels.

Even when they have passed through an abrasion in the skin or through the mucous membranes and enter the blood they are met, in some instances, by a toxic action of the blood itself upon them; and in others they are attacked by the white corpuscles, which destroy them, eat them up, and digest them, the process being known as phagocytosis.

The abrasion of the porcelain against the iron.

The abrasion is effected by pressing the glass against the edge of wheels, or disks, of hard material revolving on horizontal spindles.

It was clean but showed fresh blood, and the abrasion looked painful.