Sentence Examples with the word Abram

In 1886 he was the Republican candidate for mayor of New York City, but was defeated by Abram F.

This story of Abram and his increased wealth (xiii.

In the subsequent history of Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abram appears prominently in a fine passage where he intercedes with Yahweh on behalf of Sodom, and is promised that if ten righteous men can be found therein the city shall be preserved (xviii.

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JAMES ABRAM GARFIELD (1831-1881), twentieth president of the United States, was born on the 19th of November 1831 in a log cabin in the little frontier town of Orange, Cuyahoga county, Ohio.

The main narrative now relates how Sarai, in accordance with custom, gave to Abram her Egyptian handmaid Hagar, who, when she found she was with child, presumed upon her position to the extent that Sarai, unable to endure the reproach of barrenness (cf.

This view of course implies that the term was originally applied to Abram or his descendants by a people living on the west of the Euphrates or of the Jordan.

One of these Amorites, Abi-ramu or Abram by name, is the father of a witness to a deed dated in the reign of Khammurabi's grandfather.

This did not save her from the Pharaoh, who took her into the royal harem and enriched Abram with herds and servants.

Xiv.) Abram (Abraham) is reported to have pursued the routed kings to Hobah north of Damascus (v.

They were attacked by the four great Eastern kings and spoiled, but restored by the intervention of Abram and his men coming to the aid of Lot (Gen.