Sentence Examples with the word About 7

At the highest western point, nearest the mountains whence its gravels were supplied; and thence it slopes south-eastward at a decreasing rate, first about 12 ft., then about 7 ft.

The river emerges from Taurus, about 7 m.

In 1884-86 portions of a number of fine mosaic pavements were discovered extending over a very large area under the cloister and other parts of the cathedral, about 7 ft.

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General John Neville (1731-1803), having accepted the office of chief excise inspector for Western Pennsylvania, his fine country residence, about 7 m.

Of cathode surface, and the pressure about 7 volts.

MELROSE, a city of Middlesex county, Massachusetts, U.S.A., about 7 m.

CHAERONEIA, or Chaeronea, an ancient town of Boeotia, said by some to be the Homeric Arne, situated about 7 m.

BARRANQUILLA, a city and port of Colombia, South America, capital of a province of the same name in the department of Atlantico, on the left bank of the Magdalena river about 7 m.

Per mile, while that of the Sandusky decreases from about 7 ft.

It is upon the line of the rim of the inner crater of the great volcano, while Tusculum and Algidus Mons mark the edge of the earlier outer crater, which was about 7 m.