Sentence Examples with the word Aborted

He related details of a recent aborted abduction in Vermont.

The larger renal sac (remarkably enough, that which is aborted in other FIG.

This killer left the scene of an aborted breaking where he was seeking more information on the tipster after he was wounded.

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At the same time every bud on a others where it is more or less aborted (series Nudiflorae).

He explained his aborted visit to Lydia Larkin and watching as she embraced her boss.

The most obvious feature the Apteryges afford is the presence of a back toe, while the extremely aborted condition of the wings, the position of the nostrils - almost at the tip of the maxilla - and the absence of an after-shaft in the feathers, are characters nearly as manifest, and others not less determinative, though more recondite, will be found on examination.

So the Dermaptera, which retain distinct maxillulae and have no ectodermal genital ducts, have either specialized or aborted wings and a large number of Malpighian tubes.

The aborted condition of this process can hardly be regarded but in connexion with the incapacity of the bird for flight, and may very likely be the result of disuse.

I re played the recording of our aborted final session and had judged it incorrectly when I first listened.

Hesperornis too, with its keelless sternum, had aborted wings but strong legs and feet adapted for swimming, while Ichthyornis had a keeled sternum and powerful wings, but diminutive legs and feet.