Sentence Examples with the word Abler

It had, however, the merit of stimulating abler workers in the same field.

But as the duke of Vendome, a much abler general, replaced the captive, the incursion, daring though it was, proved anything but advantageous to the Austrians.

His son, Philip IV., was an abler man, and even gave indications of a wish to qualify himself to discharge his duties as king.

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Behind him were a group of men, much abler than.

Jackson, however, was recognized by the abler politicians as the coming man.

So prognosis became pessimistic, and the therapeutics of the abler men negative, until fresh hopes arose of stemming the tides of evil at their earliest flow.

Far abler and more resolute than against any of these men was Dumouriez, the new minister Austria.

The French codes and conferred many appointments and estates on Frenchmen, his administration was more or less native, and he favoured the abler Neapolitans.

Danton, no doubt, was abler than most of the others, yet the timidity or temerity with which he allowed himself to be vanquished by Robespierre showed that even he was not a man of commanding quality.

About the middle of the same century grammar had a far abler exponent at Rome in the person of Aelius Donatus, the preceptor of St Jerome, as well as the author of a text-book that remained in use throughout the middle ages.