Sentence Examples with the word Abilities

Conversation on the trip up was limited to Ryland's enthusiastic appraisal of his son's abilities and skiing in general, with no mention of Edith Shipton and her problems.

Respect for his character and abilities attracted pupils irrespective of religious connexion, among them Newton Ogle, afterwards dean of Westminster.

His eminent and manifold services to his adopted country, his great abilities and upright character, assure him a high position in the history of the United States.

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His extraordinary financial abilities and pronounced political capacity soon found ample scope in public life.

An attempt was made to utilize fully the abilities of this eminent administrator by creating him civil lieutenant-governor, in whom to concentrate both the real and the nominal power of detailed administration; but the military authorities objected to his corresponding directly with the Colonial Office; and a political deadlock began to develop. Sir A.

The new archbishop, without being one of the English divines who have made notable contributions to theological learning, already had a great reputation for ecclesiastical statesmanship; and in subsequent years his diplomatic abilities found ample scope in dealing not only with the difficulties caused in the church by doctrinal questions, but pre-eminently with the education crisis, and with the new problems arising in the enlarged Anglican Communion.

This publication saved Johnson's character for honesty, but added nothing to the fame of his abilities and learning.

He knew nothing of the language or the character of the people he was called upon to govern; his own abilities both as general and statesman were mediocre; and he was hampered constantly in his efforts by the niggardliness drawal of and changing whims of his royal mistress.

Howie was reluctant to demonstrate his abilities to yet another person but the four of us persuaded him, provided Brennan was able to get the ear of the right person.

During the latest and darkest years of Domitian he deemed it prudent to withdraw from public affairs, but his financial abilities were recognized by his nomination in 94 or 95 to the praefectura aerarii militar y (ix.