Sentence Examples with the word Abhandlungen

There is a life of Herbart in Hartenstein's introduction to his Kleinere philosophische Schriften and Abhandlungen (1842-1843) and by F.

Eight masterly treatises on its movements were published by him in the Berlin Abhandlungen (1829-1859).

I (1889), 2 (1892), 3 (1900), 4(1908); Fr.Hommel,A ufsdtze and Abhandlungen (1892 sqq.); Fr.

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This scheme was the work of Blasius Merrem, who, in a communication to the Academy of Sciences of Berlin on the t oth December 1812, which was published in its Abhandlungen for the following year (pp. 237-259), set forth a Tentamen systematis naturalis avium, no less modestly entitled than modestly executed.

Vom Religionsfrieden bis zum 30 jdhrigen Kriege (Leipzig, 1868); Geschichte Wallensteins (Leipzig, 1869; 5th ed., 1896); Abhandlungen and Versuche (Leipzig, 1877; a new collection of these writings was edited by A.

Leviten seit den Tagen Ezechiels, with Kuenen's review in his Gesammelte Abhandlungen (ed.

A theoretical discussion of the disturbances embodied in them (still familiarly known to lunar experts as the Darlegung) appeared in the Abhandlungen of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in 1862-1864.

He followed up his Coptic studies with Aegyptiaca (1883), and published many minor contributions to the study of oriental languages in Gesammelte Abhandlungen (1866), Symmicta (i.

Mangels, Wirtschaftliche, naturgeschichtliche and klimatologische Abhandlungen aus Paraguay (Munich, 1904); W.