Sentence Examples with the word Abeyance

Statutes were granted in 1476, but the order fell into abeyance at the extinction of the dynasty in 1609.

It consisted of the sovereign and eight knights companions, and fell into abeyance at the Revolution of 1688.

With him ended the earldom of Norwich, while the representation of the Mowbrays and Segraves passed to his nieces, the Ladies Stourton and Petre, the abeyance of the two baronies being determined in 1878 in favour of Lord Stourton.

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After these had been de facto, though not de jure, in abeyance during the period of the Napoleonic wars, a commission of the various Elbe states met and drew up a scheme for their regulation, and the scheme, embodied in the Elbe Navigation Acts, came into force in 1822.

Moreover, if a minority involved an abeyance of the royal supremacy in the ecclesiastical sphere, it must do the same in the temporal sphere, and there could be nothing but anarchy.

The literature of agriculture, in abeyance since the treatise of Walter of Henley, makes another beginning in the 16th century.

Returning to a quiet life at Bradenham - an old manor-house near High Wycombe, which his father had taken - Disraeli put law in abeyance and resumed novel-writing.

The physiological derangement which is the basis of the abeyance of volition may, if hypnotism be profound, pass into more widespread derangement, exhibiting itself as the hypnotic lethargy.

The title remained in abeyance until the early years of the 15th century, when it was assumed by John II., bishop of Wurzburg, and retained by his successors until the bishopric was secularized in 1802.

The matter remained in abeyance till 330, when the two rivals delivered their speeches Against Ctesiphon and On the Crown.