Sentence Examples with the word Abdullah

ABU Abdullah Mahommed, surnamed IBN Batuta (1304-1378), the greatest of Moslem travellers, was born at Tangier in 1304.

Ibrahim and the doctor Abdullah developed into the conquering empire of the Murabits, or, as Christian writers call them, the Almoravides, and there still, among the Berbers, the marabouts enjoy extraordinary influence, being esteemed as living saints and mediators.

This mullah, Mahommed bin Abdullah by name, had made several pilgrimages to Mecca, where he had attached himself to a sect which enjoined strict observance of the tenets of Islam and placed an interdiction on the use of the leaves of the kat plant - much sought after by the coast Arabs and Somali for their stimulating and intoxicating properties.

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He was succeeded by the principal khalif a, Abdullah ci Taaisha, a Baggara Arab, who for the next thirteen years ruled the Sudan with despotic power.

They were repulsed with great slaughter, and Wingate of advancing, carried the camp. The khalif a Abdullah khalifa.

The government accordingly pressed their claims: Abdullah refused to pay and was besieged in Acre.

Scarcely inferior in beauty of design and execution, though of more moderate dimensions, is the tomb of the saint Abdullah Ansari, in the same neighbourhood.

In circuit, built by a son of Tamerlane and destroyed by the Bokharians, and another kalah or walled inclosure known as Abdullah Khan.

Ptolemy were translated into Arabic, and in 827, in the reign of the caliph Abdullah al Mamun, an arc of the meridian was measured in the plain of Mesopotamia.

The most remarkable representative of this family was Abdullah Khan (1556-1598), who greatly extended the limits of his kingdom by the conquest of Badakshan,, Herat and Meshhed, and increased its prosperity by the public works which he authorized.