Sentence Examples with the word Abbott

From the porch we could see the huddled figure of Howie Abbott sitting under a large red umbrella on the edge of the pier.

He came of a middle-class Yorkshire family of pronounced Liberal and Nonconformist views, and was educated under Dr Edwin Abbott at the City of London school, from which he went as a scholar to Balliol, Oxford; there he had a distinguished career, taking a first-class in classics, winning the Craven scholarship and being elected a fellow of his college.

EDWIN ABBOTT ABBOTT (1838-), English schoolmaster and theologian, was born on the 20th of December 1838.

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I didn't know, but it bothered me immeasurably. qqq I'm sure we all felt we were on some ludicrous death watch with Mrs. Abbott holding our future hostage with her tenuous cling to life.

Okay, I love Howie Abbott and I'm going to marry him.

An inscription on the tomb of Thomas Abbott Hamilton in the churchyard is by the poet Cowper, who lived in the neighbouring town of Olney.

The Aldabra Group of the Seychelles Islands (Seychelles, 1907); Dr Abbott in Proceedings, United States National Museum (Washington, 1894); A.

Howie Abbott and Julie O'Malley were not mentioned for the rest of the day.

Perhaps these people fear a threat after that stupid other person broke into the Abbott house and interrupted my activities.

Two weeks passed and I'd put Howie Abbott from my mind when Betsy called one evening as I heated a frozen dinner in my lonely apartment.