Sentence Examples with the word AWED

But did you deeply scan him in his more secret confidential hours; when he thought no glance but one was on him; then you would have seen that even as Ahab's eyes so awed the crew's, the inscrutable Parsee's glance awed his; or somehow, at least, in some wild way, at times affected it.

Such supplies might be obtained by forcible raiding or as tribute of conquered countries, or perhaps as the free offerings of simple savages awed by the arrival of ships and civilized well-armed crews, or again by royal missions in which rich gifts on both sides were exchanged, or lastly by private trading.

She had the impression of extreme intelligence and extreme determination, a combination that awed and intimidated her.

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Jim the Cab-horse found himself in possession of a large room with a green marble floor and carved marble wainscoting, which was so stately in its appearance that it would have awed anyone else.

She looked up at him, awed once again by his size.

Her eyes stayed on Rhyn, and she.d never been as awed as she was watching him fight a flawless battle against the full- blooded demon and the assassin.

Deidre watched the sunrise, awed by the colors that filled the sky.

Alex gazed in awed silence at the brilliant sunset.

She eased against him, awed by his pure strength yet determined not to appear as stupid as she felt.

She felt both awed and terrified watching his rippling, shapely muscles move beneath the olive skin.