Sentence Examples with the word AVOW

From the real or fancied rapprochements between Cartesianism and Jansenism, it became for a while impolitic, if not dangerous, to avow too loudly a preference for Cartesian theories.

The earlier phases of the French Revolution excited his deepest sympathy, a sympathy which induced him to avow his strong; disapproval of the war with France.

As for treaties to the contrary, he was to avow in his Reminiscences that these have little force when no longer reinforced by the interests of the contracting parties.

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Unable to induce Burr to avow Federalist principles, influential Federalists, in defiance of the constitution, contemplated the desperate alternafive of preventing an election, and appointing an extra-constitutional (Federalist) president pro tern pore.

In 1795 he married her privately, but did not avow his marriage till 1802.

But with Wagner, just as there are people who have never tried to follow a sonata but who have been awakened by his music-dramas to a sense of the possibilities of serious music, so there are lovers of music who avow that they owe to Wagner their appreciation of poetry.