Sentence Examples with the word AVOCAT

His son, Rene Berenger (1830-), continued the work of his father, and at the outbreak of the revolution of 1870 was avocat general of Lyons.

Before the Revolution he was an avocat at Bernay.

PAUL DE RAPIN (1661-1725), sieur of Thoyras, French historian, was the son of Jacques de Rapin, avocat at Castres (Tarn), where he was born on the 25th of March 1661.

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In 1785 he left the Oratorian college where he was prefect of studies, came to Paris, married and bought a position as avocat in the parlement.

After studying theology, he devoted himself to law, and in 1788 was an avocat at the parlement of Metz.

His father, an avocat au parlement, gave him an excellent education at the college Mazarin, and encouraged his taste for natural science; and he studied mathematics and astronomy with N.

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His father, whose Christian name was the same, was avocat du roi a la Table de Marbre du Palais, and also held the position of maitre des eaux et forets in the vicomte (or bailliage, as some say) of Rouen.

He was the son of a notary, and became an avocat at the parlement of Rouen.

MARIE JEAN HERAULT DE SECHELLES (1759-1794), French politician, was born at Paris on the 10th of September 1759, of a noble family connected with those of Contades and Polignac. He made his debut as a lawyer at the Chatelet, and delivered some very successful speeches; later he was avocat general to the parlement of Paris.