Sentence Examples with the word AUTHENTIC

These epitomes have been ascribed without sufficient reason to Florus (2nd century); but, though they are probably of even later date, and are disappointingly meagre, they may be taken as giving, so far as they go, a fairly authentic description of the original.

The Fathers of the Church had repeated times without number that the priesthood stands above even the supreme secular authority; the Bible was full of stories most aptly illustrating this theory; nobody questioned that, within the Church, the pope was the Vicar of Christ, and that, as such, his powers were unlimited; as proof positive could be cited councils and decretals - whether authentic or spurious; at any rate all authorized by long usage and taken as received authorities.

Either it is authentic but irrelevant, added by Paul as a postscript, or it is unauthentic, 4 due to some copyist who added it as Erbes (Zeitschrift fiir Kirchengeschichte, 1901, 224-231) makes xvi.

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He made some distinction between hearsay and authentic information, but had no pretence to accuracy, his retentive memory being the chief authority.

If authentic throughout, they afford perfect proof of Mary's complicity in the murder of her husband, Henry, Lord Darnley.

And in particular 1-e told of the remarkable voyage of Other, a Norwegian of Helgelsnd, who was the first authentic Arctic explorer, the first to tell of the rounding of the North Cape and the sight of the midnight sun.

The effigy on it may be taken to be an authentic portrait.

It was ably argued by Sir George Cornewall Lewis, in connexion with his inquiries into early Roman history, that a verbal tradition is not transmitted from one generation to another in anything like an authentic form for a longer period than about a century.

The Gathas alone claim to be authentic utterances of Zoroaster, his actual expressions in presence of the assembled congregation.

In Rome he met again his former superior, the abbot of Pomposa, who seems to have repented of his conduct, and to have induced Guido to return to Pomposa; and here all authentic records of Guido's life cease.