Sentence Examples with the word AURES

Tributaries rise in the Majerda and Aures mountains.

On the north and north-west the Aures mountains of Algeria are prolonged into Tunisia, and constitute the mountainous region of the north, which lies between the Majerda river and the sea, and also includes the vicinity of the city of Tunis and the peninsula of the Dakhelat el Mawin, which terminates in Ras Addar (Cape Bon).

South of the Jebel Aures is another series of salt lakes closely connected with the Shat-el-Jerid (of Tunisia).

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Of Constantine by the railway to Biskra, commands the passage of the Aures mountains by which the nomads of the Sahara were wont to enter the Tell.

Biskra is the capital of the Ziban (plural of Zab), a race of mixed Berber and Arab origin, whose villages extend from the southern slopes of the Aures to the Shat Melrir.

The peak of Shellia, the highest point in Algeria, in the Aures range, has a height of 7611 ft.

The chief ranges are Ksur and Amur in the west and the Aures in the east.

Ahmed, however, escaped and maintained his independence in the Aures mountains.

The Saharan Atlas is essentially one chain, though known under different names: Jebel K'sur and Jebel Amur on the west, and Jebel Aures in the east.