Sentence Examples with the word ATV

He stopped the ATV again and they got off, both gazing in rapt silence.

He threw a leg over the ATV and settled himself on the seat with a grin.

The ATV climbed over large rocks, threatening to unseat them both at any moment.

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A four wheel ATV was parked next to the porch and Giddon stepped over it, seating himself as he turned the key.

He carefully worked the ATV down a steep washed out trail that threatened to overturn the vehicle several times.

After what seemed like hours of traveling down trails that were little more than rockslides, Giddon stopped the ATV and shut off the engine.

When she met him outside, he was attaching a pillow to his ATV with bunji cords.

And yet, every time she saw him, he was on his horse, ATV or in his car.

He worked the ATV down a steep rocky slope and through overhanging brush that kept her busy dodging limbs and combing cobwebs from her hair.

He stopped the ATV and shut off the engine.