Sentence Examples with the word ATTENDANT

The coroner's report indicated Wassermann had been dead at least two weeks, the same length of time the morgue attendant had guessed.

In 1866, she was appointed general medical attendant to St Mary's dispensary, a London institution started to enable poor women to obtain medical help from qualified practitioners of their own sex.

The office of acolyte may have been suggested by the attendant assigned to heathen priests.

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Gold-dredging is a rich industry, and the coal-mines have attendant industries in coke, bricks and fire-clay.

Next follow the two great islands and attendant islets of New Zealand.

The ceremonies attendant on an imperial apotheosis are very fully described by Herodianus (bk.

Wild shrewdly realized that it was safer, and in most cases more profitable, to dispose of such property by returning it to its legitimate owners than to sell it, with the attendant risks, in the open market, and he thus built up an immense business, posing as a recoverer of stolen goods, the thieves receiving a commission on the price paid for recovery.

That the humming-bird (Nuitziton), which was the god's old shape, should become merely his attendant (like the owl of Pallas, the mouse of Apollo, the goose of Priapus, the cuckoo of Hera), when the god received anthropomorphic form, is an example of a process common in'all mythologies.

The attendant allows the silk to enter gradually into close contact with the combs, which comb through the silk in exactly the same manner as a lady combs her tresses.

He started to say something to the fleeing attendant but instead lifted the limp body up in his arms to a more reasonable position and carefully carried her out to the anteroom.