Sentence Examples with the word ATTAINTED

Formerly, a man was said to be dead in law (I) when he entered a monastery and became professed in religion; (2) when he abjured the realm; (3) when he was attainted of treason or felony.

Marching against the rebels James gained several victories, after which Douglas was attainted and his lands forfeited.

He himself was attainted and was lying a prisoner in the Tower, doomed to die in the morning, on the night of the death of Henry VIII.

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He was attainted in 1716 and his titles became extinct, but his estates passed to his son William (d.

The royal cause was successful, and the Black Douglas was attainted (loth of June 1455).

William Overy, a bold squire of Ormonde's, offered to arrest Richard as an attainted traitor, but was seized, tried before the man whom he had come to take, and hanged, drawn and quartered.

Lochiel's son and successor, John, who was attainted for sharing in the rebellion of 1715, died in Flanders in 1748.

He and his brothers were attainted in England and by Edward the Yorkist parliament in Ireland, but the importance Iv.

Moreover, the fear of Henry was sufficient to make the French king refuse to allow one who was attainted by act of parliament to remain in the kingdom; so Pole passed over to Flanders, to wait for the possible arrival of any royal deputies.

In the reign of Edward the Confessor, Doncaster, as a berewic of the manor of Hexthorp, belonged to Earl Tostig; but before 1086 it had been granted to Robert, earl of Mortain, whose successor William was attainted for treason in the time of Henry I.