Sentence Examples with the word ATTAINDER

His estates suffered under the attainder of his brother, and he was compelled to pay large sums to Henry VII.

Nominally he was accused of a number of acts of oppression - - Attainder in the north of England and in Ireland.

By his attainder the Norfolk titles were once more forfeited.

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In the 15th century the manor was held by James Butler, earl of Ormond, after whose attainder it was granted in 1461 to Lord Hastings, who in 1474 obtained royal licence to empark 3000 acres and to build and fortify a castle.

The local family of Bury held lands here during the 13th century, and at least for a short time the manor itself, but before 1347 it passed by marriage to the Pilkingtons of Pilkington,withwhom it remained til11485,when on the attainder of Sir Thomas Pilkington it was granted to the first earl of Derby, whose descendants have since held it.

After the execution of the regent Morton, the 4th earl, in 1581 this earldom was bestowed upon Maxwell, but in 1586 the attainder of the late earl was reversed and he was deprived of his new title.

The estate subsequently passed in 1309 to Guy de Beauchamp, earl of Warwick, and on the attainder of Earl Thomas in 1396 reverted to the crown.

To William Peverel, on the attainder of whose son it reverted to the crown.

The criminal jurisdiction of parliament remained in abeyance, and bills of attainder were the vogue.

On the 24th of April 1540 he was made a knight of the Garter, and subsequently managed the attainder of Thomas Cromwell, earl of Essex, and the dissolution of Henry's marriage with Anne of Cleves.