Sentence Examples with the word AT LARGE

They appropriated the territory up to the Kur and the Aras, and roamed at large through Iberia, Georgia and Armenia.

He thinks the public at large may with propriety not only facilitate and encourage, but even impose upon almost the whole body of the people, the acquisition in youth of the most essential elements of education.

A considerable number of African and Amazonian parrots, Bengal parroquets, four species of white and rose crested cockatoos, and two species of crimson lories, remained at large for many years.

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The latter, however, though thriving as an aviary bird, has failed at large in England, as did the bob-white (Onyx virginianus) both there and in New Zealand.

Society at large was hardly aware that an intellectual force of stupendous magnitude and incalculable explosive power had been created by the new learning.

Wide at large ones - and they should be as free as possible from obstructions, such as pillars supporting the roof.

Under a charter of 1899, as amended afterwards, the city government, which has almost entirely superseded the town government, is in the hands of a mayor, who holds office for two years and appoints most of the administrative officers, except a board of aldermen (of whom each has a two-year term, six are chosen from the city at large and the others one each from each ward, the even-numbered wards electing their representatives one year and the odd-numbered the next), a city clerk, controller, sheriff, treasurer and tax collector, all chosen by popular vote, and an assistant clerk, appointed by the board of aldermen.

This permission to be at large may easily be forfeited by fresh breaches of;the law.

The Principe is an offshoot from the main theme of the Discorsi, setting forth Machiavelli's views at large and in detail upon the nature of principalities, the method of cementing them, and the qualities of a successful autocrat.

The following data may be considered: Climate (A) allows, in what is a great ranching district, cattle and horses to run at large through the whole winter.