Sentence Examples with the word ASYLUM

On various occasions the popes found asylum within its walls, and it was the meeting-place of the conclaves which elected Honorius II.

It has frequently been said that the lagoon population was originally composed of refugees from the mainland seeking asylum from the incursions of Huns,, Goths and Lombards; but it is more probable that, long before the date of the earliest barbarian inroad, the lagoon islands already had a population of fisherfolk.

No troops are now stationed here, and the barracks have been utilized for a jail, a lunatic asylum and other civic buildings.

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The hospitals and charitable institutions include St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, the Lathrop Memorial (for children of working mothers), Albany City Hospital, the Homeopathic Hospital, St Peter's Hospital, the Albany City Orphan Asylum and the House of the Good Shepherd.

By it was the temple of the Palici, twin Sicel gods, the most holy place in Sicily, where an oath taken was especially binding, and an inviolable asylum for fugitive slaves.

The Hanwell lunatic asylum of the county of London has been greatly extended since its erection 1831, and can accommodate over 2500 inmates.

Imola has a large lunatic asylum with over 1200 inmates.

The neutral right to grant asylum to belligerent forces is now governed by articles 57, '58 and 59 of the regulations annexed to the Hague Convention of the 29th of July 1899, relating to the Laws and Customs of War on Land.

It contains an asylum maintained by the provincial government; also saw and grist mills and iron foundries.

In the 9th century, however, this region (then called Werenofeld) was occupied by the Sorabi, and the Warni and Angli either coalesced with the Thuringi or sought an asylum in the north of Germany.